All institutions looking for unique business opportunities to expand their business are encouraged to attend the Expo, especially businesses in the following sectors:-

 Banking and Finance
o Banks
o Micro Finance Institutions
o Capital Markets, etc.

 Agriculture and Agro processing
o Export crops
o Food crops
o Non Edible oil bearing crops for Bio fuel Production
o Pre processing facilities
o Canning
o Processed food products, etc.

 Livestock and Fisheries
o Poultry
o Cattle and Goats o Fish Farms o Hatcheries, etc.

 Mining
o Gold
o Silver
o Copper
o Cobalt
o Manganese
o Colored Gem Stones
o Rare Earth Elements – Caesium, Lanthanum and Cassiterite, etc.

 Tourism
o Hoteliers
o Hospitality
o Medical o Catering, etc.

 Infrastructure Development
o Roads
o Commercial and Residential Real Estate
o Bridges
o Dams, etc.

 Manufacturing
o Carpentry
o Agricultural based o Mineral value addition

 Youth and Sport
o Youth Development Centres
o Stadiums
o Sporting Infrastructure, etc.

 Health o Specialized Health facilities
o Teaching Institutions
o Front line medical facilities, etc.

 Education
o Universities
o Collages
o Trades Training Institutes