Main Objectives

  • Linking Central Province to the global world to promote Growth and Investment in identified key sectors
  • Reduction of development inequalities among the Districts in the Province;
  • Undertake engagement of stakeholders and financial resource mobilization so as to support development projects in the Province
  •  Identify and streamline sectors in order to improve linkages and achieve sustainable and inclusive socio-economic Development

        Specific Objectives

  • Identify the missing links and cultivate solutions for mobilizing financing for infrastructure and socio-economic development in the Province, inter Alia, Public Private Partnerships (PPP), creation of innovative financing and investment mechanisms, etc.;
  • Enhance economic development and diversification, and job creation;
  • Undertake District level mapping of key investment opportunities and potential
  • Investment marketing, promotion and facilitation;
  • Creating a conducive governance and environment for a diversified economy.

Expected Results/Outputs

It is envisaged that with the successful implementation of the objectives above, the  results anticipated are inline with Government’s overall development agenda as highlighted through 7 NDP and Vision 2030. The following results are expected;

  • Promotion of inclusive and people-centered development;
  • Improved linkages between various sectors and districts
  • Fostering place-based strategies and district development;
  • Improved knowledge base to inform context-specific policies;
  • Connect the economic, social, environmental and political dimensions of development;
  • Growth of both rural agriculture and non-farm economies
  • Strengthening of rural-urban linkages;
  • Marketing the Province’s existing and potential business opportunities;
  • Improved networking and linkages of a broad coalition of investment stakeholders
  • Improved capacity of businesses to add value to their products and services as a result of increased capital and use of technology
  • Increased investments in the extractive sectors resulting in job creation and poverty reduction
  • Increased value addition and processing capabilities within the Province
  • Increased infrastructure development in the Province
  • Establishment of a platform for the Local and International businesses to collaborate and contribute to accelerated  Sustainable Development in the Province;
  • Facilitating the alignment of the Provincial investment aspirations with policies in other areas such as Trade and Industrial Development.