Institutions and individuals that are looking for a unique opportunity to invest, create wealth and improve the lives of communities in their areas of investments. It is an opportunity to corporates and start-ups who wish to increase their visibility, create partnerships and increase their business reach. Essentially, all business houses and individuals who wish for an opportunity and an exclusive platform for expansion of their business are encouraged to attend and invest by partnering with the Provincial Administration.The investment forum will stand to be the most important forum for investors looking for opportunities in Zambia and willing to set up business operations in the Province.

The Guest of Honor His Excellency the Presidentof the Republic of
Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu at the Central Province Expo Stand 2018


  • Agriculture has become the main economic activity in Central Province following the closure
    of mining and manufacturing companies that were operating in the province in the 1990s.
  • Historically, small scale agriculture consisting of crop, livestock and fisheries production have
    dominated the agriculture sector. Large scale agriculture dominates in cash crop production.
  • As a result of the above economic activities the Province has immense unexploited potential for Agro-Processing and has a comparative advantage in Maize, Soya Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Wheat and Livestock Production. The potential for agriculture production lies in the province‚Äôs fertile soils and good climatic conditions.
  • Is at the centre of both the rail and road transport network and is a transitory point to all provinces in the country as well as the neighbouring countries.
  • Has the potential for Manufacturing, Mining, Trading, and Tourism and also to be a hub for development of Air, Rail and Road transport services not only for the country but also for the Southern African region.
  • The Lunsemfwa Hydro Power station can serve either as a complementary resource or an alternative to ZESCO, as a supplier of Electricity that could be channeled towards newly established industries.
  • In the recent past, the province has also seen an increase in the investments in the Education sector. The centrality of the province adds to the potential of developing an Educational destination thus providing an alternative to oversubscribed educational institutions present in other provinces.
  • Has a lot of potential for investments in the Health sector and target Districts could be developed into medical hubs